Attitudinal Healing Connection’s award-winning art and literacy programs develop creative, engaged and successful children and youth through building knowledge and emotional, social, academic and intellectual skills.


Monthly community healing circles, such as Mindful Drumming and Racial Healing, with dozens of events throughout the year that bring our community together with the intent of uncovering fear and beliefs that hinder the healing process.



In partnership with the Oakland Housing Authority, AHC's Good Neighbor Program implements programs such as the Neighborhood Orientation Workshop and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute that teach civic engagement and create safe and productive communities.


A partnership between the Oakland Housing Authority and the Attitudinal Healing Connection,  Inc.

Since 2009, AHC, in partnership with the Oakland Housing Authority, created and currently implements an innovative program known as the Good Neighbor Program (GNP).  It is a powerful curriculum, grounded in the principles and processes of Attitudinal Healing, and is designed to lift up the base in our culture.  The Good Neighbor Program (GNP) offers two curriculums for personal and community change:  The Neighborhood Orientation Workshop and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute. Both programs are Attitudinal Healing innovations. 

We have accomplished the following:


1. Neighborhood Orientation Workshop (NOW)

NOW is a 4-hour workshop for Oakland Housing Authority (OHA)  customers that offers training in community building, core values, civic engagement and other opportunities OHA offers, such as resources and service learning.

2. Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI)

The Neighborhood Leadership Institute was conceptualized as a means to support Oakland residents to build their inner transformational tools, skills, service learning and resources in order to create more positive communities, schools and safe neighborhoods for themselves and their families, despite the negative influences and challenging circumstances many of them experience.



In collaboration with Alternatives in Action, AHC has deepened its connection with the parents of West Oakland Schools. 

WOPAN is a group of self-selected parent leaders whose mission is to be informed about the policies that affect the academic lives of their children.  Their focus is on improving school climate, truancy, literacy and assuring that all West Oakland schools have qualified teachers and administrators.



Youth Leadership Now aims to create emotionally and physically healthy youth leaders with
a deeper understanding of their community and the world today.

We empower youth to create a safe, loving, and respectful community, where youth regain hope and create the change they want to see in the world. Youth Leadership Now fosters self, cultural, and community identity through local and international engagement, creative, and educational projects.

The Youth Leadership Now program uses a community based model that is led by youth who have grown up in West Oakland and understand the need to share their experiences with younger youth in order to show them that they can dream and be much more than the constraints their community imposes on them.


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