Attitudinal Healing Connection’s award-winning art and literacy programs develop creative, engaged and successful children and youth through building knowledge and emotional, social, academic and intellectual skills.


Monthly community healing circles, such as Mindful Drumming and Racial Healing, with dozens of events throughout the year that bring our community together with the intent of uncovering fear and beliefs that hinder the healing process.



In partnership with the Oakland Housing Authority, AHC's Good Neighbor Program implements programs such as the Neighborhood Orientation Workshop and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute that teach civic engagement and create safe and productive communities.

Since 1995, AHC’s award-winning art and literacy program has helped develop creative, engaged, and successful children/youth through building emotional, social, academic and intellectual skills.

ArtEsteem engages students and supports their positive development – body, mind, and heart. Our programs help keep children/youth interested in school through creating individual and collective educational excellence across academic subjects. In addition to art classes for children/youth, ArtEsteem Art Instructors provide professional development consulting and hands-on training for educators in art curricula –and also in support of academic subjects (e.g. science and social studies) – to help teachers develop visually engaging and hands-on methods that improve student involvement, comprehension, and critical thinking.

ArtEsteem’s fun and widely applicable art-enrichment classes, that also provide education in emotional literacy and life/social skills, are valuable for kids of all backgrounds. Bridging grassroots and governmental social-improvement efforts, we strive in particular to provide art classes in schools that cannot afford them by linking resources and creatively raising dollars through grants and other fundraising efforts. Being able to offer art classes in under-funded schools is helping remedy the effects of socioeconomic conditions that can block academic and personal achievement.

Participants discover how to self reflect and dream, as well as focus on their tasks and “follow through” by completing their art projects. Our methods guide students to think practically about the world and their abilities to manifest positive and creative outcomes. Classes also build students’ language and math literacy, aesthetic appreciation, and listening and performance skills. Our students learn – through dialogue, reading, and writing – conceptual understandings of social, historical, and cultural topics to engage and inform their minds, and develop the whole child, in expansive ways.

ArtEsteem students are propelled to see themselves differently, internally/personally as well as in relation to the issues of the world, and they are encouraged to experience themselves as active change agents. Participants can become more able to self manage, make positive choices, and exercise awareness and kindness with self and others. ArtEsteem invites participants to feel powerful in helpful, beautiful, and productive ways instead of feeling and acting worthless, powerless, or out of control.

Art Classes for Children and Youth

During and after-school Visual Art, Cultural Arts (rhythm and sound), and Fashion Design classes combine Attitudinal Healing concepts, art instruction, and classroom-management tools in an art integrated curriculum linked to the State of California Academic Content Standards.

Visual Art

The Visual Arts class provides a multi-disciplinary curriculum that takes children/youth through a journey of self-exploration, critical thinking, family and cultural research, societal assessment, and the use of aesthetic tools for skill development and artistic creation. Students learn, but are not limited to, basic drawing, printmaking, and painting techniques. This year ArtEsteem introduced the Digital Media class as an introduction to storytelling with media, featuring digital media tools and techniques. This class allows students to create short stories based on their interests and experiences. Students deliver the story in digital format, using text, graphics, audio, video, animation, and interactivity. Students learn about digital media applications, fundamentals, and issues relating to the use of digital media.

Our goal with the Oakland Mural project is to cultivate, educate and engage youth in community issues and solutions through the power of public art.

San Pablo Avenue Mural

San Pablo Avenue Mural

Community Engagement

As part of the planning process, AHC surveyed residents of the Hoover Corridor Neighborhood where the murals will be immediately located. Community members were asked to describe positive & negative aspects of the neighborhood as well, as their hopes and dreams for the community and future public art pieces. Responses determine the content of the murals. AHC will be hiring mainly Oakland based artists to paint the murals, as the whole process will promote and exemplify community collaboration from beginning to end.

Oakland Superheroes Overview

Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project (OSH) is a crucial community development effort by Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) in Oakland that will engage over 300 youth to be change-agents in their community. This project aims to resolve issues that plague our city, create over 30 jobs, enhance our neighborhoods and reduce blight. AHC is proud to share the progress of the first of six large scale mural beautification and revitalization public art project in West Oakland/Emeryville.

San Pablo Avenue Mural

Market Street Mural

In memory of Antonio Ramos.

In Memory of Antonio Ramos

The Board of Directors and Staff of AHC wish to express our gratitude for your love and support for the loss of Antonio Ramos and the emotional trauma surrounding the tragic event. Slowly, it is beginning to subside, and with your support we will move forward with AHC's vision to complete the remaining murals. Please click here to be redirected to the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project page, where you can donate to the cause.


West Street Mural

Durant Mini Park Mural

"Ancestral Waters"

Lead Artists: Daniel Panko X Justin Metoyer Mullon

Design inspired by Durant Mini Park neighbors and community of all ages.

Commissioned by City of Oakland Public Arts Program 2016

. . .It truly takes a village . . .


Rhythm, sound, and vibration are used as a powerful form of meditation that helps clear the mind and heal the heart. Creating a rhythmic space in a drum circle and bringing individuals together in a collective journey to a higher level of life energy, also aids the art of community building.

What is Mindful Drumming?

Mindful Drumming is rooted in modern thought, eastern spiritual principles, and ancient indigenous wisdom. Drawing upon the twin concepts of rhythm and sound, Mindful Drumming is a way to connect straight to the heart. Kokomon uses Mindful Drumming to explore the secret art of rhythm and sound, as revealed through ancestral portals of the indigenous Ga people of West Africa. The ancient art of synchronistic rhythms and sounds can be used for healing and for unleashing the spirit of human potential.


  • Increased Productivity and Wellness

    • Mindful Drumming unleashes the human potential, increases positive energy while reducing negative feelings

    • Mindful Drumming sets free inner joy, enhances well being, improves employee morale and reduces absenteeism

  • Improved Communication

    • Mindful Drumming increases effective communication amongst co-workers through the creation of rhythms in unison

    • Effective communication is inspired by trust, respect, self-esteem, high morale, kindness, and happiness.  Mindful Drumming creates an atmosphere of community

  • Effective Stress Reduction

    • Mindful Drumming eases tension through the alignment of body, mind, and spirit

    • Mindful Drumming is a transformative learning process that brings greater inner peace and joy

  • Self Esteem Building

    • Mindful Drumming helps employees let go of fear, which reduces cultural distance and connects participants to each other through rhythm

    • Mindful Drumming taps into the heart center that brings employees into a shared physiological, emotional, spiritual and psychological experience

  • Cultural Diversity

    • Mindful Drumming supports employees in today’s global economy to understand and accept our increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural workforce

    • Mindful Drumming harnesses the potential of diversity through practicing an ancient indigenous wisdom as one


Kokomon Clottey is a storyteller, record producer, author and teacher.  He is a Jubilation Foundation’s Fellow for bringing  happiness into the world. He believes that we all need tools to increase our inner happiness during these troubled times.

Clottey was born to the Ga-Adagbe tribe in Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa. The Ga society is rich with ancient codes of conduct, deep spiritual beliefs, and awesome rituals of power. Kokomon is an interpreter of this Indigenous African tribe’s wisdom and rituals.

Kokomon Clottey has an MBA and has produced two compact disks, Love is the Answer, Mystic Vision, and co-produced The Journey and two singles, Hug a Tree and Che Che Kuley.  He is the co-author with his wife, Aeeshah, of Beyond Fear: Twelve Spiritual Keys to Racial Healing (Tiburon, CA: HJ Kramer, 1998.) He contributed to Imagine What America Could be in the Twenty-First Century: Visions of a Better Future from Leading American Thinkers (Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 2000) and is the author of Mindful Drumming: Ancient Wisdom for Unleashing the Human Spirit and Building Community (2004).

Kokomon is the cofounder of the Attitudinal Healing Connection Inc., in Oakland, California. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Attitudinal Healing Connection in Oakland, California and he co-founded an Attitudinal Healing Center in Ghana, West Africa.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children . . .

WOLP is a partnership oriented program, designed to serve West Oakland Youth of all ages through STEM integrated Visual Arts curriculum.  Our courses demonstrate the necessary interplay of creativity and the sciences while connecting our youth with professional organizations based in our neighborhoods. We aim to bridge the disconnect between the professional resources of West Oakland and young people our neighborhoods with a social justice and equity lens. 

Our 2016 Partners include:: City Slicker Farms, Focon Construction, Mandela Foods Cooperative,  Numi Tea, Nzalini Glass, PS Print, The Crucible & The West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project.


West Oakland Legacy & LEadership PRoject

Our West Oakland Legacy & Leadership After School Program will serve our high school aged youth and two middle schools over the course of three consecutive 10 week sessions facilitated by Artesteem and City Slicker Farms instructors and Specialists from West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project. 

Each Week students will build leadership skills & experience Visual Art, Urban Agriculture, and Environmental Science in engaging interactive sessions once or twice a week..

Students who participate in the program at the High School level will be able to work side by side with professional artists, learn to cultivate food, gain greater environmental awareness and represent our community as youth leaders.  Our Program will culminate in May following the opening of our 19th Annual Student Art Exhibition. Students willl be able to display and sell their artwork in our professionally curated and installed show with upwards of 300 attendees.

Each student in our program will also earn a stipend and receive the necessary guidance, support and team effort required to graduate high school.

Click a link below to apply now online or print and submit application, space is limited!


K-8 During School

Our West Oakland K-8 Classrooms are focused on the creative and scientific aspects of a particular industry and matched with a local business who connect with our youth through in class presentations, hosting field trips of their facilities providing supplies and producing student designed projects professionally manifesting our student's vision. 

driving inquiries:

  1. How can OUSD schools develop and sustain meaningful partnerships with community organizations, artists, and local businesses to provide interdisciplinary STEM and Arts instruction for the students of West Oakland?
  2. How can a wide-reaching community partnership cultivate sustainable  opportunities for students in career fields and prepare them for college?
  3. How can STEM and Arts instruction enlighten and inspire students to become involved, aware citizens,  lifelong creative critical thinkers, AND thoughtful learners?
  4. How can local and neighborhood businesses invest and become more engaged in - young people's lives  and support the economic development of West Oakland?

ArtEsteem – Oakland Mural Project  Mindful Drumming  West Oakland Legacy Project  Leadership


In collaboration with Alternatives in Action, AHC has deepened its connection with the parents of West Oakland Schools.  WOPAN is a group of self-selected parent leaders whose mission is to be informed about the policies that affect the academic lives of their children.  Their focus is on improving school climate, truancy, literacy and assuring that all West Oakland schools have qualified teachers and administrators.


YLN aims to create emotionally and physically healthy youth leaders with a deeper understanding of their community and the world today. We empower youth to create a safe, loving, and respectful community, where youth regain hope and create the change they want to see in the world. Youth Leadership Now fosters self, cultural, and community identity through local and international community engagement, creative, and educational projects.

The Youth Leadership Now program uses a community based model that is led by youth who have grown up in West Oakland and understand the need to share their experiences with younger youth in order to show them that they can dream and be much more than the constraints their community imposes on them.






A partnership between the Oakland Housing Authority and the Attitudinal Healing Connection,  Inc.

Since 2009, AHC, in partnership with the Oakland Housings Authority, created and currently implements an innovative program known as the Good Neighbor Program (GNP).  It is a powerful curriculum, grounded in the principles and processes of Attitudinal Healing, and is designed to lift up the base in our culture.  The Good Neighbor Program (GNP) offers two curriculums for personal and community change:  The Neighborhood Orientation Workshop and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute. Both programs are Attitudinal Healing innovations.  We have accomplished the following:

Neighborhood Orientation Workshop (NOW)

NOW is a 4-hour workshop for OHA customers that offers training in community building, core values, civic engagement and other opportunities OHA offers, such as resources and service learning.

Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI)

The Neighborhood Leadership Institute was conceptualized as a means to support Oakland residents to build their inner transformational tools, skills, service learning and resources in order to create more positive communities, schools and safe neighborhoods for themselves and their families, despite the negative influences and challenging circumstances many of them experience.


ArtEsteem – Oakland Mural Project  Mindful Drumming  West Oakland Legacy Project  Leadership