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Attitudinal Healing Connection’s award-winning art and literacy programs develop creative, engaged and successful children and youth through building knowledge and emotional, social, academic and intellectual skills.

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Community Building

Monthly community healing circles, such as Mindful Drumming and Racial Healing, with dozens of events throughout the year that bring our community together with the intent of uncovering fear and beliefs that hinder the healing process.



In partnership with the Oakland Housing Authority, AHC's Good Neighbor Program implements programs such as the Neighborhood Orientation Workshop and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute that teach civic engagement and create safe and productive communities.



AHC has held Racial Healing Circles and facilitated Racial Healing workshops for 28 years.  AHC offers a safe space for participants to share their stories about race, culture, color, language and or class.  We express that the concept of race is a social and cultural construction.  We believe as the American Anthropological Association shared, that "Race simply cannot be tested or proven scientifically.  The concept of race has no validity among the human species."  AHC defines racism as a life threatening disease.  Our solution is to create healing circles where we can come together to share in a safe space.  We offer a monthly circle for the community, beginning at 7:30PM at our Center.  All are invited.  

"Feelings that are denied cannot be released; feelings imprison us until they are acknowledged."  - Aeeshah Clottey

The following are the three main strategies that will support healing and wholeness:

1.    Racial Healing Circles: Dialogues to promote racial healing utilizing the twelve principles of attitudinal healing.  Attitudinal Healing is an alternative mental health modality.  The focus is on story telling and doing inner/heart work.

2.    Mindful Drumming Circles: A process developed and created by Kokomon Clottey using knowledge he gained from his upbringing in Ghana, West Africa.  Mindful Drumming is synchronistic creative drumming for community building to mitigate the negative effects of racism through the twin concepts of rhythm and the sound of drumming.

3.    Community Organizing: Reaching out and sharing with the community.  The goal is to educate community members on the concepts of Attitudinal Healing for increased civility and civic engagement.