West Oakland Legacy and Leadership Project

Our West Oakland Legacy & Leadership Project (WOLLP) offers West Oakland teens training by professionals in Visual Arts, Urban Agriculture, and Environmental Impact related science and advocacy. Through community partners such as City Slicker Farms and West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, who are on the forefront of environmental justice in West Oakland, our students cultivate a deeply rooted and informed voice as advocates for a more equitable neighborhood and world.

Students who complete the internship will be able to work side by side with professional artists, farmers, visionaries, and activists in order to refine their own voices for creating social change. They will learn to cultivate food, gain greater environmental awareness, and influence our community as youth leaders. Our program, which meets during the school year, culminates in an overnight camping trip during the summer months.

Our program demonstrates the necessary interplay of creativity, the sciences, and advocacy in order to create social change. Through connections with professionals in relevant fields, we also aim to bridge the gap between the resources of West Oakland, and young people in our community with a social justice and equity lens.

Each student who completes the internship will present their work in our annual ArtEsteem Exhibition with upwards of 300 attendees. They will also receive guidance and support required to graduate high school and apply for college. Students who participate in extracurricular activities like our internship are better prepared for adult life and the professional world. These students improve their attendance, tend to have higher test scores, stronger resumes, and are more likely to be hired upon completing college if they continue to participate in extracurriculars and internships throughout their college years.

To apply, contact: