Our goal with the Oakland Mural project is to cultivate, educate and engage youth in community issues and solutions through the power of public art.


Oakland Superheroes Overview

Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project (OSH) is a crucial community development effort by Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) in Oakland that will engage over 300 youth to be change-agents in their community. This project aims to resolve issues that plague our city, create over 30 jobs, enhance our neighborhoods and reduce blight. AHC is proud to share the progress of the first of six large scale mural beautification and revitalization public art project in West Oakland/Emeryville.


Community Engagement

As part of the planning process, AHC surveyed residents of the Hoover Corridor Neighborhood where the murals will be immediately located. Community members were asked to describe positive & negative aspects of the neighborhood as well, as their hopes and dreams for the community and future public art pieces. Responses determine the content of the murals. AHC will be hiring mainly Oakland based artists to paint the murals, as the whole process will promote and exemplify community collaboration from beginning to end.

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Please CLICK HERE to visit the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project website to see more specific information about the project as well as the individual designs and murals. There is lots of great information about the artists involved as well as the full stories of the super heroes featured in each of the past murals.

West Street Mural (West Wall), #4 Design.  In Progress.

In recent months during the final mural approval processes, Caltrans, the property owners of the freeway walls, has created a legal barrier and we are now unable to move forward.

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!!!  Encourage Caltrans to approve the production of the next mural. Our underpasses are in a crisis state and present so many problems in our area. Reviving this public space through art and beauty means a stronger investment from Oakland residents to keep the city safe and respected by all.

Please sign our petition to lend your support!  CLICK HERE

West Street Mural (East wall),  # 3

This mural was designed and created in partnership with students from West Oakland Middle School.  The mural includes the characters: Emilio is a young, Mexican-American boy who is the earth sign. He uses the music from his purple and blue car to spread joy, peace and love.  Gaza is a young lady from Yemen. She is like the wind. Her mission is to stop crime by using the flowers on her dress. The dress was given to her by her mother who died in a car accident. Her last words to Gaza were, “Magic dress”.  The Twins, aka Planteen and Solar, are African American siblings. They are water and energy. These two ensure that the plants are healthy and growing and that the water is clean and plentiful.  Click here to read more.

Market Street Mural, #2

This mural was designed and created in partnership with students from Westlake Middle School.  The mural includes the characters:  Serenity: Serenity is a shy but charismatic Mexican girl who lives in Oakland.  Bob: Bob is a Jamaican boy who is forced to move away from his parents to live with his grandparents in Oakland in order to protect a powerful and secret family heirloom.  Sasha: Sasha is a gay, albino, Parisian young boy who, one day, swallows a butterfly, which transforms his skin to glow gold, permanent tattoos.  Paris: Paris is a 103 year-old Unicornian who takes the form of a 17 year-old human girl, from a far-away planet called Unicornia.  Click here to read more.

San Pablo Avenue Mural, #1

This mural was designed and created in partnership with students from MyClymonds High School.  The mural includes the characters:  Ja’Khi – She is the princess of knowledge. She influences the people in her life to achieve the impossible.  Josiah – He is the messenger of fate. He works together with Ja’Khi changing the lives of people. He is a McClymonds High alumnus who uses his success to help people take control of their lives.  Dj Justice - He’s a DJ that spins and hosts block parties in West Oakland. These block parties are a way to unite all people and ignite fires of change. DJ Justice plays uplifting music that influences unity and change.  Click here to read more.


This is a video created around the mural project.


In memory of Antonio Ramos.

In Memory of Antonio Ramos

The Board of Directors and Staff of AHC wish to express our gratitude for your love and support for the loss of Antonio Ramos and the emotional trauma surrounding the tragic event. Slowly, it is beginning to subside, and with your support we will move forward with AHC's vision to complete the remaining murals. Please click here to be redirected to the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project page, where you can donate to the cause.



Durant Mini Park Mural.  "Ancestral Waters"

Lead Artists: Daniel Panko X Justin Metoyer Mullon

Design inspired by Durant Mini Park neighbors and community of all ages.

Commissioned by City of Oakland Public Arts Program 2016.

Commissioned by City of Oakland Public Arts Program 2016.

. . .It truly takes a village . . .