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Maze Cut Bookmaking: Honoring LGBTQ and Black Communities

The celebration and honoring of the LGBTQ community and Black community has been stiched into our art project this week at Tenderloin Community School (TCS) in San Francisco. Along with their mentors, our participating students learned and celebrated the LGBTQ and Black community during regular school hours. ArtEsteem stopped by TCS to support in the capturing of that knowledge and materialize it
into a book for the students to keep and share.

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The handmade book integrated modern and classical symbols from all over the world that represent various gender identities. In addition, in honor of Black History Month students familiarize themselves with the classical Adinkra symbols from Ghana that centered around respected characteristics like strength, knowledge, honor, etc.

Mr. Eddie and Ms. Nan assisting students in the bookmaking process.

Mr. Eddie and Ms. Nan assisting students in the bookmaking process.

In all, it was a fantastic day of learning, celebrating and honoring the LGBTQ and Black communities in addition to learning a new art medium that will not be forgotten shortly.

-March 14, 2019

Three students pose with their freshly-made books.

Three students pose with their freshly-made books.

Learning Fabric Arts with the ArtMobile

This week we took the ArtMobile across the Bay for Art Week at MLK Middle School! We facilitated fiber art classes for 3 days to over 400 students. Working with fiber arts is a unique experience, and the students were able to let their creativity soar.


Our projects involved bold designs, and we spoke about symbols relating to Black History Month, in addition to icons of peace and personal development.

Thanks to everyone at MLK Middle School for hosting the ArtMobile pop-up. The ArtEsteem ArtMobile is a fully equipped mobile art studio available for schools, festivals and community building events. To learn more, click here.

- February 27th, 2019

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