Street Academy Students Learn The Ins and Outs of Running an Art Gallery.

Students learned about Art as a form of activism: conveying social and political messaging for justice movements, and art as a tool for expression and therapy.  Mentors in the various galleries and studios we visited shared about the different roles within the art field (artist, gallery owner, curator, framer, architect, activist). 


Students also learned about the merging of art, science and design for projects taking place in Oakland where air quality, accessibility and environment are taken into consideration as part of the design process.  We met with two professional artists who talked about their art and messages within the work such as homage to ancestors, expressing solidarity with the #metoo, Black Lives Matter, affordable housing and Indigenous rights movements. 


Students were engaged and participated in the various environments through dialogue and interaction with exhibits, some expressed it was their first time going to a gallery space.  This field trip served as inspiration as students return to the classroom and continue to build their art creations for the upcoming Annual ArtEsteem Exhibition on May 12, 2018.