October 27, 2018 the AHC team was invited by the magnificent Chris Chatmon, Founding Executive Director for African American Male Achievement (AAMA), to serve our young black and brown kings of the Bay Area for this year's Man-Up Conference held in Oakland's Metwest High School. 

The AAMA's Man-Up Conference's main focus was to strengthen and build African American male students in Oakland and beyond in not only academia, but in life itself. It was a great honor for AHC to have been invited to their space to provide our services and love to the whole AAMA family. 

Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of the fully engaged group of young men at the conference constructing paper tool boxes. These tool boxes were filled with paper cut-outs of symbols that signify and represent various spiritual ideas and characteristics such as: strength, wisdom, courage, love for God, etc. The cut-outs that these young men either possess, honor, or value were then glued onto the toolbox to express what means most to them.

With more than 20 big brothers and big sisters present, our young people did not leave the conference without knowing that we had their back the whole way through.