#SelfAsSuperHero Feature: "Pooky the Hate Destroyer"

Every year, we team up with 100's of Oakland Youth and ask them to re-imagine themselves as superheroes with powers to transform their community. The result is a colorful art exhibition that provides a creative platform for Oakland families, artists, and youth to come together through a journey of discovery, self-exploration and community empowerment. 

Since July 21st, select pieces created by our ArtEsteem students have been on exhibit at Flax's Art & Design store in Oakland. The life-sized portraits are for sale, with 50% of the proceeds going directly to the student artists, and the other 50% going towards the future work of ArtEsteem.

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Pooky the Hate Destroyer, uses his "Hate GPS" to overcome fear & destroy hate all over the world.

Pooky the Hate Destroyer, Tomme Lee, 2016

Pooky the Hate Destroyer, Tomme Lee, 2016

One day, Pooky The Hate Destroyer appeared out of nowhere in the streets. He felt afraid of everything that was moving. A stranger eyed him like Pooky was an alien. Pooky felt nervous because he thought he did something wrong already. One thing he saw while he was walking was there was a lot of hate going on. He saw a fight and tried to stop it. The “arguers” were arguing about who crashed into who's car. He had gotten pushed out of the conversation and failed trying to stop the fight. Zeus the Sky Heaven saw what Pooky did and decided Pooky was a special person. Zeus hid two items called the “hate GPS” and the “hate destroyer.” Pooky traveled through the world and found those items. When he found them he decided his destiny was to destroy hate. A hero was born. As Pooky was traveling, he overcame fear and destroyed hate all over the world.
Tommy Lee
Pooky the Hate Destroyer
6th Grade
Willie Brown Middle School

Come see Pooky the Hate Destroyer, meet our student-artist Tommy Lee, and so much more as we celebrate another successful art exhibition at the Closing Reception of our #SelfAsSuperHero Exhibit: "The Bravery of Love & Legacy," on Saturday, October 1st from 1pm - 3pm at FLAX Art & Design!