Find Your Rhythm with our Brand New Djembe Drums!

Our good friends at Sageman Drums just blessed us with 8 customized Large Deep Carved Djembe Drums! Come experience the rhthyms of love with us!

These high quality Djembe Drums are roped tuned and deep carved out of real mahogany with a deep, rich sound. We want to give you an opportunity to own your very own AHC Djembe drum, so we’ve added a unique Drum Package to our list of raffle prizes at our 27th Anniversary Gala!

The AHC Drum package includes:

  • 2 AHC Djembe Drums ($500 Value)
  • 1 two-hour Session of Mindful Drumming for up to 12 people
  • A copy of our book - “Mindful Drumming"

The total value of this package is $1,200!

Check out the description of Sageman Deep Carved Djembe drums:

"The Sageman Deep Carved Djembe has become a customer favorite and is one of the most popular drums we’ve ever produced. It’s easy to see why as these musician quality djembes produce an amazing range of sound from thunderous low-pitched bass and natural middle tones to high pitched slaps - these really do it all. The exotic tribal carving encompasses the whole base of the drum and looks incredible. All Sageman drums start with a handpicked piece of solid mahogany. The shell is precision lathe cut and then hand carved. Traditionally skinned, this drum creates an old world sound that is natural, warm and full-bodied, a sound that synthetic heads can’t produce. You won’t find another drum design like this anywhere in the world."

We invite you to experience the power these drums first-hand at our monthly Mindful Drumming Circle which takes place every last friday of the month. Our next Drumming Circle is TODAY, September 30th from 7PM - 9PM.

Don't miss out on your chance to win!

The AHC Drum Package is an exclusive raffle prize, available only at our 27th Anniversary Gala: The Art of Building Legacy!