Back to School is Here!

The 2016-2017 school year is fast approaching, and we are gearing up for our in-school and after-school Art Enrichment and Education programs, for both students and teachers. Our classes offer lessons in Visual and Cultural Art, that combine Attitudinal Healing concepts in an art integrated curriculum linked to Common Core.

We will begin this academic year serving 11 Oakland and 4 San Francisco Schools, including:

  1. Hoover Elementary
  2. Lafayette Elementary
  3. Martin Luther King Elementary
  4. Carl B. Munk Elementary
  5. Laurel Elementary School
  6. Howard Elementary School
  7. West Oakland Middle school
  8. Frick Impact Academy
  9. Westlake Middle School
  10. Street Academy
  11. Oakland Tech High School
  12. Malcolm X Elementary (SF)
  13. Carver Elementary (SF)
  14. Willie Brown Middle School (SF)
  15. Thurgood Marshall Academic Highschool (SF)


Since 1995, ArtEsteem’s Art and Literacy programs have impacted thousands of students in schools throughout the Bay Area. By offering art classes to under-funded schools, ArtEsteem is able to address the impacts of socioeconomic conditions that negatively impact academic and personal achievement of our youth.  

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