Nikko on #ArtAsActivism

“If given the platform, what message would you want to communicate to your school, community and to the world?”

We asked Westlake Middle School students and they voiced strong ideas around current politics, the quality of food in schools, housing and immigrant rights. These young people addressed violence and envisioned a world filled with peace and unity. Concepts of Design: color theory, composition and typography were applied to posters that will be exhibited at Westlake Middle School.

Nikko’s piece below, is about celebrating diversity and respecting all people. Enjoy these words of wisdom from our Oakland Youth.


“We are all different, but everyone should be treated equally. Everyone has different skills or talents, but we are really all the same - we are all human.  I want my art to inspire others to find the courage to do what they are passionate about. We are always asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ A lot of us don’t know the answer to that - until they see something that inspires them. I want my art to influence people to find the courage to fulfill their dreams. That would make the world a better place.” 

Nikko - 8th Grade, 2016 at West Oakland Middle School

On Giving Tuesday November 29th, 2016, we launched our #ArtAsActivism campaign featuring our student artists using art as tools for healing and community empowerment. 

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