Mindful Drumming Circle

Last Friday of each month, 7:30–9:30 PM @ AHC

Experience the twin concepts of rhythm and sound-wave vibration as a way of meditation. Mindful Drumming is an expedient way of tapping into our natural rhythm. It brings us in the now, into our joy and happiness. Drums are available.


Research studies confirm the benefits of Mindful Drumming

Mindful Drumming reduces employee burnout and turnover rates

Remo HealthRHYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming is an internationally acclaimed drumming company that has come out with peer- reviewed research on how group drumming positively impacts the immune system, reduces employee burnout and turnover rates, reduces student dropout rates,  impacts biology on a genomic level, benefits corporate employee wellness, cultivates creativity and bonding in seniors, effects at-risk adolescents, and reduces stress.

Mindful Drumming increases white blood cells in the body

Neurologist Barry Bittman, M.D. of the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, Pennsylvania and his research team conducted studies indicating that drum circles significantly increase the “disease fighting activity of circulating white blood cells (Natural Killer cells) that seek out and destroy cancer cells and virally-infected cells.” Click here to read more about Bittman’s study!

Mindful Drumming helps Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients    

Stress Solutions, Inc., an organization that provides techniques for learning how to manage both work-related and home stress, also recognizes the healing benefits of drumming. Research supports that patients with various ailments respond positively to drumming as a form of treatment. Apparently, “physicians are finding that Alzheimer's patients who drum can connect better with loved ones, and researchers have discovered that hearing slow, steady rhythms, such as drumbeats, helps Parkinson's patients move more steadily.”

Mindful Drumming increases IQ levels

Drumming has also been shown, through research done by E. Glenn Shallenberg at the University of Toronto, to increase IQ levels. According to the study, IQ test scores of 6-year-old children significantly improved after receiving drum lessons. Read the article in Psychological Science now.

Mindful Drumming helps with overcoming drug addictions

An article in the American Journal of Public Health titled, “Complementary Therapy for Addiction: ‘Drumming Out Drugs’” by Michael Winkelman, PhD, MPH examines the effects of drumming on individuals with drug addiction and relapse history. The study concludes  that when other modalities of treatment have failed, patients that have participated in group drumming programs exhibit an  increased sense of connectedness with self and others, an enhanced substance abuse recovery and a decreased risk of relapse.

Mindful Drumming increases insight and creativity

Robert Lawrence Friedman, author of The Healing Power of the Drum, discusses the brain synchronization that occurs between the right and left hemispheres while drumming. Alpha and beta types of brainwaves decrease during group drumming while theta states of consciousness increase, which are  the same types of brain waves that take place during REM sleep. He states that “theta is the source of sudden mystical insights and creative solutions to complex situations and is marked by physical and emotional healing. People with a preponderance of theta brainwaves are also able to learn and process much more information than normal”. (Quoted by Dr. William Moore in his article titled, “Rhythm Meditation Therapy: Rhythm medicine”).

Mindful Drumming helps children with autism

An article titled, “Calming Anxiety-Based Behaviors in Autism with Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI) Drumming Rhythms” by Jeff Strong delves into the healing effects of listening to beats, rhythms and drumming for children with autism. The effects include decreased signs of aggression and anxiety, increased group participation, increased calm and relaxation,  increased eye contact, less refusals, improved verbal articulation of feelings, and reduced stimming behaviors.    

Building Healthy Staff

Businessmen and women, city officials, governing bodies, school teachers, administrators, and other professionals can engage in creating healthier adult environments through participating in Mindful Drumming workshops. This kind of experiential learning is used to foster skills in communication, cooperation, and compassion. Customized sessions can help develop personal and interpersonal strengths and in effect, build a strong sense of team and community. Here’s what they have to say!

“It was a spiritual awakening and I learned a thing or two about myself.”
“It was wonder-ful. A room of strangers at the start, but during the drumming we became a force, a community, a room of friends. It is powerful and fun.”
“This workshop is not a workshop, but a healing circle.”
“ [Mindful Drumming] invites a diverse cross-section of people, some with backgrounds in drumming, others with none. Ultimately, it allows people to relax and be together to relieve stress and be playful in community-spontaneity with discipline, and practicing present-mindfulness.”

After a Mindful Drumming Workshop held for Kaiser, 94% of the 17 participants strongly agreed that they were able to have fun as a team and found the instructor’s approach effective. 13 strongly agreed that they found the experience helpful in reducing stress.

Reflections from the Kaiser workshop:

  • “I truly enjoyed listening to this history and feeling a part of something larger than my little life that I may find important. When the drums were loud and began to beat silently, I felt my chaotic life begin to quiet down and I was able to relax.”
  • “...I highly recommend for individuals and particularly for groups of people for a bonding experience.”

History and Clients

Since 1995 AHC has held over 270 Mindful Drumming circles and workshops and engaged over 5,400 individuals. Kokomon Clottey has led Mindful Drumming circles for various companies, businesses, organizations, and community centers. Our clients include:

  • Kaiser

  • County of Alameda, City of Oakland

  • Broadcom, Oakland Housing Authority

  • Oakland Unified School District

  • Chaplaincy Institute, Sutter Health

  • University of Creation Spirituality

  • Montavo Art Center

  • Robert Wood Johnson Hospital

  • CECURA, Santo Domingo

  • Isabella Retreat Center, Connecticut

Mindful Drumming workshops are held for the public on the last Friday of every month for everyone and anyone to participate. Donations are welcome.

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