Rhythm, sound, and vibration are used as a powerful form of meditation that helps clear the mind and heal the heart; creating a rhythmic space in a drum circle, bringing individuals together in a collective journey to a higher level of life energy, and aiding the art of community building.

Kokomon Clottey

Kokomon Clottey is a storyteller, record producer, author and teacher.  He is a Jubilation Foundation Fellow for bringing  happiness into the world. He believes that we all need tools to increase our inner happiness during these troubled times.

Clottey was born to the Ga Adagbe tribe in Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa. The Ga society is rich with ancient codes of conduct, deep spiritual beliefs, and awesome rituals of power. Kokomon is an interpreter of Ga wisdom and rituals.

Kokomon Clottey has an MBA and has produced two compact disks, Love is the Answer, Mystic Vision, and co-produced The Journey and two singles, Hug a Tree and Che Che Kuley.  He is the co-author with his wife, Aeeshah, of Beyond Fear: Twelve Spiritual Keys to Racial Healing (Tiburon, CA: HJ Kramer, 1998). He contributed to Imagine What America Could be in the Twenty-First Century: Visions of a Better Future from Leading American Thinkers (Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 2000) and is the author of Mindful Drumming: Ancient Wisdom for Unleashing the Human Spirit and Building Community (2004).

Kokomon is the cofounder of the Attitudinal Healing Connection Inc., in Oakland, California. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Attitudinal Healing Connection in Oakland, California and he co-founded an Attitudinal Healing Center in Ghana, West Africa.

What is Mindful Drumming?

Mindful Drumming is rooted in modern thought, Eastern spiritual principles, and ancient indigenous wisdom. Drawing upon the twin concepts of rhythm and sound, Mindful Drumming is a way to connect straight to the heart. Kokomon uses Mindful Drumming to explore the secret art of rhythm and sound, as revealed through ancestral portals of the indigenous Ga people of West Africa. The ancient art of synchronistic rhythms and sounds can be used for healing and for unleashing the spirit of human potential.


  • Increased Productivity and Wellness

    • Mindful Drumming unleashes the human potential, increases positive energy while reducing negative feelings

    • Mindful Drumming sets free inner joy, enhances well being, improves employee morale and reduces absenteeism

  • Improved Communication

    • Mindful Drumming increases effective communication amongst co-workers through the creation of rhythms in unison

    • Effective communication is inspired by trust, respect, self-esteem, high morale, kindness, and happiness.  Mindful Drumming creates an atmosphere of community

  • Effective Stress Reduction

    • Mindful Drumming eases tension through the alignment of body, mind, and spirit

    • Mindful Drumming is a transformative learning process that brings greater inner peace and joy

  • Self Esteem Building

    • Mindful Drumming helps employees let go of fear, which reduces cultural distance and connects participants to each other through rhythm

    • Mindful Drumming taps into the heart center that brings employees into a shared physiological, emotional, spiritual and psychological experience

  • Cultural Diversity

    • Mindful Drumming supports employees in today’s global economy to understand and accept our increasingly multi-ethnic and multicultural workforce

    • Mindful Drumming harnesses the potential of diversity through practicing an ancient indigenous wisdom as one