Board of Directors


Aeeshah A. Clottey, Co-Founder & Board Member - Aeeshah is a community activist and is the co-author of "Beyond Fear: Twelve Spiritual Keys to Racial Healing."  Aeeshah is an international motivational speaker, certified Restorative Justice trainer and peace-making consultant.  She co-founded AHC in 1989 and has 35 years of Specialized Training in Attitudinal Healing. Aeeshah worked as Assistant Program Director of Casa de la Vida, a residential treatment facility located in Oakland for 25 years. She is also a State Certified Genetic Counselor; former Board of Director for University of Creation Spirituality; Global Renaissance Alliance and The Peace Alliance.  

Kokomon Clottey, Co-Founder & Board Member  - Kokomon holds a Master Degree in Business Management with an emphasis in international business and is the co-founder of the Attitudinal Healing Connection, Inc.  Kokomon is the co-author of “Beyond Fear: Twelve Spiritual Keys to Racial Healing," and the author of Mindful Drumming: Ancient wisdom for Unleashing the Human Spirit and Building Community.  Kokomon is from Ghana, West Africa and has captured the richness of his culture and the essence of mindful drumming as a healing modality in his latest book.  Mindful Drumming workshop is an experiential and interdisciplinary practice that uses synchronistic drumming, rhythm, movement and storytelling to explore trans-cultural communication, team building, indigenous healing and personal relationships. Mindful Drumming process heals ancestral wounding and increases community ties. Manifestation of this connection is through rhythmic inter-play of the participants. Mindful drumming emerged from the Ga Adagbe tradition of Ghana West Africa. In addition to his accomplishments he has 30 years of musical experience in performing and recording.  He has produced three CD's: Love Is The Answer, Mystic Vision and The Journey.  He recently released two songs, Hug a Tree and Che Che Kuley.

Willard Wheaton Davis, Board President - Willard Davis is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara. Willard holds a Master Degree from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley and he completed a Community College Life Credential in Philosophy, Religion & Computer Technology.  In the early 1970’s he co-founded the New Community High School on 33rd and Market Street at the M Robinson Baker YMCA, known then as North Oakland.  Later he co-founded the Center for Attitudinal Healing Network in Santa Cruz shortly after his beloved wife Paul Powers was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Willard, a man of many talents, a community college professor, entertains the elderly with his melodic guitar and voice on a weekly basis, and is a trained facilitator in the field of Attitudinal Healing. In 2017, Willard is volunteering at the Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) located on 33rd and West Street, just one block from the community school he cofounded in the early 1970’s.  He is currently serving as the President of the Board of AHC.

Fred Lambright, Board Member (Treasurer) - Fred Lambright is the Vice President, Community Development, at Mechanics Bank. Fred is the Principal at F Lambright Consulting, providing consulting services in the areas of affordable housing, economic development and compliance monitoring. Prior to starting his company, Fred worked for 12 years at the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco and his last assignment was as a Senior Community Investment Consultant. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Fred has a son, Freddie Lambright III. He received a Bachelors of Science in Applied Economics, from the University of San Francisco. Fred enjoys traveling and has visited places in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Kurt Brinkman, Board Member - Kurt is owner and President of Intrepid Electronic Systems, Inc.  Intrepid Electronic Systems is a design/builds Integrated Life Safety Systems for governmental, educational, institutional, commercial and high-tech manufacturing market segments. Kurt has been elected Mayor to two different cities (Gilmore City, IA and Emeryville, CA) and has served his communities in a wide range of aspects from being a Boy Scout Master, first responder on an ambulance crew, to serving as an Alameda Country Fire Commissioner. He is currently serving as a Board Member of the West Oakland Commerce Association and is the President, of Alameda County National Electrical Contractors Association Board of Directors and the Chair of the Ninth District of California Sound and Communication Committee.  His hobbies and interests include golf, ranching, public service and is the proud grandfather of five children.

Adam Chapuis, Board Member - Adam has a Masters Degree in Psychology and is the Vice President/COO for Research Management Consultants, Inc. Providing Environmental Engineering and Information Technology support services to government and commercial customers. Over the last 15 years, Adam’s interests have moved progressively from a task accomplishment corporate emphasis to an Earth-based Spiritual emphasis.  He has been an integral part of AHC’s annual Unleashing the Human Spirit Retreat where he contribute his skills as a Geologist educating participants about the current state of the Earth and what we need to do to heal our planet.  


Cesar Escalante is a Family Engagement Coordinator at the Oakland Unified School District and long-time Community Organizer in education, mass-incarceration, and immigration. He works at the local, state, and national level to organize and coordinate communities advocating for California Sanctuary State, Oakland Sanctuary City and Sanctuary Oakland Unified School District. He is a member of the Hoover Resident Action Council, Local Control Accountability Plan and Blueprint for quality schools. Cesar speaks both English and Spanish and holds a BA in Political Sciences from East Bay California State University, an AA in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts from Laney College, Oakland.

Ahmed Rahim, Board MemberAhmed Rahim is the Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Alchemist behind Numi Organic Tea, the largest premium, organic, fair trade certified Tea Company in North America. Ahmed is responsible for all of the unique Numi blends and products that the company launches every year. He started the company in 1999 in Oakland, California with his sister, Reem. At Numi, Ahmed travels to remote regions of the world seeking unique herbs and teas unknown in the United States and building partnerships with farmers and their communities. Numi has proudly been involved in sponsoring schools, hospitals, community centers, road construction and other needs to improve living standards in farming communities.

Since 2009, Ahmed and his sister Reem have been evolving their vision for Numi through the Numi Foundation, with initiatives that focus on acknowledging and addressing the challenges within inner city Oakland; from education to health and nutrition. Ahmed sits on various boards and works with many non-profit organizations to focus on justice, art and nature into inner city communities and mentors for-profit companies on enhancing their growth and sustainability goals. Ahmed’s core goal is to be of service to those focused on transforming their community and creating positive change for our environment.


Advisory Board

Dr. Jerry Jampolsky and Dr. Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky
Authors & Founders of Attitudinal Healing International -  Sausalito, CA

Elnora Webb - President
Laney College

Jonathan Klein - Executive Director
Great Oakland Public Schools

Norm Groleau - Formerly with
Price Water House Accounting Firm

Dr. Elouise Oliver, Senior Minister
East Bay Church of Religious Science

Elihu Harris
Former Mayor of Oakland

Rabbi Michael Lerner
TIKKUN Magazine

Rabbi Michael Ziegler
Ziegler Development

Dr. Tom Pinkson - Author and Founder of Wakan Community

Dawn Hawk - Program Officer
Philanthropic Ventures

Michelle Groleau - Psychologist
Mill Valley, CA

Arnold Perkins - Founder
Brotherhood of Elders

Steve Lowe - Urbanspace Development
Board Member at International Toy Museum