Unleashing the human Spirit Weekend Retreat

  • The Quaker Center Ben Lomond Hercules, CA, 94547 United States

Join us at our 16th annual "Unleashing the Human Spirit Weekend Retreat", surrounded by a majestic redwood forest in the Santa Cruz mountains.

This three-day experience is devoted to happiness. Explore the majesty of the earth and cultivate "mishe" happiness through mindful drumming, ancient Eastern wisdom, the practice of Attitudinal Healing, Native American spirituality and community building.

The retreat offers the following:

  1. Opportunities for authentic conversation
  2. Recognition of innate happiness
  3. Compassionate listening skills
  4. Deeper understanding of indigenous wisdom
  5. Joy of Storytelling
  6. Personal and community balance
  7. Healing through rhythm and sound


For more information call: 510)652-5537 -- Email: info@ahc-oakland.org