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Quest by Kokomon

The vision and inspiration for Quest is a continuation and follow up from Kokomon's previous work. Kokomon has always believed that whenever we humans forget our connection to God, the universe, sun, moon, stars, mother Earth, our four legged cousins and the global community, music is a path to reconnect us; to open our heart and to heal all fractures in our relationships.

Quest was inspired to correct our alienation to each other, mother earth and the environmental issues facing our global community. 

Kokomon is a cofounder of Attitudinal Healing Connection. He is a storyteller, record producer, author and teacher. Born to the Ga-Aagbe tribe in Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa, Kokomon owes his early musical training to the rich Ga traditions of conduct, deep spiritual beliefs, and sacred rituals of power, thus influencing his expression of love.

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Quest CD Accompanies the book, “Eternal Quest for Happiness” by Aeeshah and Kokomon – Coming Soon!

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