Racial Healing Circle
7:30 PM19:30

Racial Healing Circle

We define racism as a life threatening disease.  Join us to create safety and share your story about how you will heal.  This is a monthly dialogue for the community building. The theme of this month's circle is: "Go deep and let go of the fear."  The Attitudinal Healing Principle that we will focus on this month is #11. "Since love is eternal, change need not be viewed as fearful."

The Racial Healing Circle is 28 years old and is an offering to the global community.

The Circle will begin at 7:30 PM.  Each month there is volunteer facilitator.  All are invited.

"Feelings that are denied cannot be released; feelings imprison us until they are acknowledged."  - Aeeshah Clottey

We invite you to be open, vulnerable and gain personal strength through the healing power of storytelling!

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Black History Month Event:  Mindful Drumming Workshop
3:00 PM15:00

Black History Month Event: Mindful Drumming Workshop

This is an annual Black History Month event hosted by the Attitudinal Healing Connection to raise funds for the ArtEsteem Program- a self-esteem building and skills for at promise children and youth.  

Join Kokomon Clottey for an experiential gathering of Mindful Drumming, movement and deep inner work.  This is a Workshop.  Mindful Drumming comes from the twin concepts of rhythm and sound.  It is a way to uncover the different levels of communication and connect straight to the heart.  Experience the ancient art of synchronistic rhythms and sounds for healing and unleashing the spirit of human potential.  Kokomon Clottey is a native of Ghana, West Africa and is the author of "Mindful Drumming, Ancient Wisdom of Unleashing the Human Spirit and Building Community."

Founded in Oakland, California in 1989, AHC works to eliminate violence by supporting creative and educational programs for adults, youth and childrenthat transform the human spirit in order to build peaceful and loving communities for all humanity.                                                              Visit www.ahc-oakland.org for more information                                         



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